Coronavirus: Facilities in FCT, Ogun, others not ready, FG deploys more doctors in airports – PUNCH

Isolation centres for potential patients  suffering from the coronavirus disease are not ready in the Federal Capital Territory and some states such as Kano, Rivers and Ogun,  The PUNCH’s investigations have revealed.

The inside story of the Barclays trial – BBC
In 2008, Barclays, like other banks, was running low on cash. The bank deregulation of the late 1990s and the credit and property boom of the early to mid-Noughties had led all banks to lend far more than they ever had before.

What Trump wants from global trade – BBC

President Donald Trump’s approach to international trade is driven to a large extent by his belief that the United States is being unfairly treated by other countries.

 The virus is coming – THE ECONOMIST
A good example of communication is America’s Centres for Disease Control, which issued a clear, unambiguous warning on February 25th. A bad one is Iran’s deputy health minister, who succumbed to the virus during a press conference designed to show that the government is on top of the epidemic.

A big win in South Carolina rekindles Joe Biden’s presidential hopes – THE ECONOMIST
OVER THE past couple of weeks, centrist Democrats’ whispered anxieties about Bernie Sanders have heightened into a primal scream. In the party’s caucuses and primaries so far, he ran a close second in Iowa before winning New Hampshire and then romping to victory in Nevada, despite opposition from the state’s most powerful union. His moderate rivals, meanwhile,

 More Chinese push to end wildlife markets as WHO declares coronavirus emergency – NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC
On a farm near Beijing last September, a group of conservationists put in a call to police: They’d found thousands of live birds being stored in a barn. Police seized and released the birds—about 10,000 in all—which had been caught illegally with traps and were destined for restaurants and markets in southern China. Among them were yellow-breasted buntings, critically endangered songbirds whose numbers have been in free fall, largely because people in parts of China want to eat them.

How to Confront the Coronavirus at Every Level – NEW YORK TIMES

Public health professionals will also need to work with political leaders to make hard decisions on if or when large events should be canceled, workers should be told to telecommute, schools should change the way they operate or schools should close. While these actions may slow the spread of the disease, they could have negative consequences. If schools close, for example, many children will not get school meals they depend on, not to mention the learning time they will miss and the workers who will have to stay home to care for their children.

 2nd Death Near Seattle Adds to Signs Virus Is Spreading in U.S. – NEW YORK TIMES
Officials across Washington State were racing on Monday to assess risks for schools, medical centers, emergency workers and businesses after the deaths of two state residents who were found to have been infected with the coronavirus, and an unfolding outbreak inside a nursing facility.

Coronavirus: Suspected Chinese nationals test negative in Plateau — FG Read more at: – VANGUARD
The Federal Government has allayed fears that the outbreak of Coronavirus in Nigeria had spread to Plateau state, saying the four Chinese nationals suspected of contracting the disease had tested negative.

We have found cure for coronavirus – Iwu Read more at: – VANGUARD

A former Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Prof. Maurice Iwu, said on Monday his team had discovered a cure for the deadly coronavirus.


CBN agric loan

There is no ambiguity that the Anchor Borrowers’ Programme (ABP) is one of such quasi-fiscal operations of the CBN which the global multilateral financial institution alluded to. Latching on its developmental functions, the CBN established the ABP, which was launched by President Muhammadu Buhari on 17th November 2015 with the objective of creating a linkage between anchor companies involved in the processing and smallholder farmers (SHFs) of the required key agricultural commodities

Lafarge:Why We Invited Italian Who Brought Coronavirus to Nigeria – THISDAY
“When we observed abrnomal temperatures and symptoms, we quickly instituted an Emergency Response Team which is led by the company’s CEO. We have to find a way of analysing and identifying not only the Italian but also the other contacts.
“The contacts are now 39 and we have quarantined them, the house and clinic as well as the vehicles. We don’t take chances that is why they are put there.

 Buhari and public assets declaration – GUARIDIAN


At a public event in which he was guest lecturer, Bishop Kukah had queried: “People have asked how is it that the president used Justice Onnoghen’s asset declaration form to prove his corruption and proceeded to sack him, yet the president himself has not publicly declared his own assets as he promised during his campaigns? Kukah was a guest lecturer at the launch of a book, “Farida Waziri: One Step Ahead: Life as a Spy, Detective and Anti-Graft Czar.” In reaction to Kukah’s remark, Adesina defended his principal by stating that Buhari never promised to declare his assets publicly, and as such had not broken any law by not doing so.

 Ifajuyigbe: Fajuyi in history & as history – Part 1 – GUARDIAN

Betrayal is somewhat part of human nature, an archetypal motif in all recorded history. But it is the bestial part. Not the sublime; not the elevated part. Men and women of elevated minds never succumb to the false allure of treachery. Such persons see loyalty as a form of virtue itself. It is its own reward, even though there might be some discomfort while affirming the sanctity of true friendship. Jesus Christ the Perfect Master alluded to this when he asserted: “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends”. The Fajuyi sacrificial-death narrative is especially poignant and momentous in the tumultuous and uncertain times we have found ourselves in nearly sixty years after gaining nationhood. It was the late Chuba Okadigbo who once said that in Nigerian politics, if you are stabbed in the back, just keep running away with the knife inside you until you get to a safe place!

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