FEB 27, 2020 REVIEWS – Spread of Fulani herders’ killings

Spread of Fulani herders’ killings – PUNCH


Under the Firearms Act 2004, certain categories of arms and ammunition in the hands of individuals are prohibited; just as it is unlawful to possess lethal weapons without licence. It beggars belief that all law enforcement agencies watch helplessly as herdsmen brazenly violate this law. This curious dimension played out a few days ago in Umuawulu community in Awka, Anambra State. Fulani community leaders had staged a walkout during a meeting with their host community and the police, following the discovery that four Fulani boys, suspected to be herders, were moving around with six AK-47 rifles hung on their shoulders. With imponderable defiance, the Fulani elders told the villagers that their people had the right to bear arms and dared them to do their worst. This is strange.

Discos’ estimated billing in focus amid low metering – PUNCH


The commission said all unmetered R2 and C1 customers should not be invoiced for the consumption of energy beyond the cap stipulated by it.

R2 customers are residential customers who consume more than 50 kilowatt-hours in a month (single phase and three-phase), while C1 customers are small businesses (single and three-phase).

Citing an example, NERC said, “A consumer of XYZ Disco resident in White Acre under R2 (single phase) tariff class has an energy cap of 78 kilowatt-hour per month and a tariff of N24 per kilowatt-hour. The maximum that XYZ Disco can invoice such a customer is 78kWhr x N24/kWhr = N1,872 per month.”

In Mushin, Lagos a residential consumer under R2S tariff class, with an energy cap of 110 kWh per month and a tariff of N24 per kWh, shall not be charged more than N2,640, while a consumer under R2T tariff class shall not be charged more than N3,791.13 (147kWh x N25.79/kWh)

Iranian deputy health minister, diagnosed with coronavirus, goes into quarantine as locals accuse Tehran of cover-up – CNBC


It’s still unclear where the first cases of the virus in Iran came from; Iranian Health Minister Saeed Namaki said the first patients had previously done business in China. Another health official said it stemmed from a group of 700 Chinese clerical students studying in the religious city of Qom, where most of the cases are concentrated.

Financial advisors must find their ‘niche’ to survive over next 5 to 10 years – CNBC


When financial advisor Sophia Bera founded her Austin, Texas-based practice in 2013, she decided to work primarily with millennial clients.

Bera, then 29, wanted to help her peers navigate their early careers and the thorny financial issues, such as managing student debt and buying a first home, that they often encounter.


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