Disturbing Economic Advisory Council report

Terror war: Holding down liberated territories – Punch

The Islamists had been routed in many of these places by the Nigerian military whose onslaughts against them, led to their ejection from the 27 Local Government Areas they had once occupied in the three states. Sadly, recent developments indicate their resurgence, buoyed by the support or involvement of ISIS’ franchisee, the Islamic State in West Africa Province. When the fundamentalists are not retaking some liberated areas, they are being repelled by the military through a combined air and land mauling.

 Disturbing Economic Advisory Council report- Punch

NOT for the first time, a dark cloud hovers over the economic horizon. This time, the Economic Advisory Council has dampened the hope of a quick recovery. At its inaugural briefing, the EAC cited lapses in the management of the economy, an anti-investment environment and poor record-keeping, among others, as the basis for its disturbing report. On the flip side, the body enunciated persuasive arguments on the way forward. Without a rigorous implementation of these recommendations, the Nigerian economy is set for prolonged stagflation.

In one sense, political debates are evanescent. Six candidates squared off in Las Vegas on February 19th—the ninth such debate—ahead of the Nevada caucuses on February 22nd. They will spar again on February 25th, ahead of the primaries in South Carolina and the delegate-rich Super Tuesday primaries. But some debates matter more than others, and the one in Las Vegas came at an important moment in the Democratic campaign to choose a candidate to challenge President Donald Trump. – The Economist

Why Morgan Stanley wants to buy E*Trade. “I THINK OF it like an aircraft-carrier,” said James Gorman, the boss of Morgan Stanley, last March. He described his bank’s wealth- and asset-management divisions as “ballast”, steadying the ship, because they bring in consistent, recurring revenues. The “engine room” is investment banking, which earns large, lumpy sums when markets are strong but can falter during a crisis. “We might be a little slower than some others, because we’re dragged by the ballast, but we’re more stable.” Source – The Economist

Protect your investments, SEC urges army officers

The Securities and Exchange Commission has urged officers and men of the Nigerian Army, who have invested in the capital market to explore all available channels to protect their investments. The acting Director General, SEC, Ms. Mary Uduk, gave the advice during a visit to the 9 Brigade Nigerian Army in Ikeja, Lagos, on Thursday.   Source – Punch


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